The mirror that transforms into a television

Lo specchio che si trasforma in televisione

Rifleo presents an innovative glass that has a dual function: when turned off, it's a mirror, but when turned on, it becomes a TV screen.

This special glass integrates technology inside, allowing you to innovate your environment with extraordinary electronic functionality and unique visual effects.

Smart Mirror is the perfect combination that blends the style of your furnishings with television. A luxury object that is born from the hands of glass artisans and combines excellence in technique with excellence in design.

A tailor-made project for you that can be realized in three variants: recessed, hung like a painting, and stand-alone with a steel floor structure.

The TV-mirror: How it came about 

Smart Mirror was born from a specific need in the Retail sector, which was looking for a unique design for its customization capabilities and magical ability to expand spaces through an optical illusion.

The mirror plays a fundamental role in the furnishings of shops, not only as a functional element but also as a decorative element.

Considering the mirror as a decorative element, the first advantage is its ability to reflect light inside the shop. Especially in those with little natural light, the mirror greatly helps to illuminate the spaces by allowing light to bounce.

Another advantage is its ability to create an optical illusion of greater spaciousness. The mirror is, in fact, able to visually increase the dimensions of a space, making it appear larger.

The third and final advantage of the mirror as a decorative element is the enhancement of products: if positioned near the mirror, they are reflected and attract people's attention to the products themselves.

A decorative and functional element, but not only that: today the mirror also becomes an "immersive" furnishing element by transforming into a TV. An element that transforms, but at the same time, also transforms people from spectators of fashion shows that take place elsewhere, into protagonists who are reflected in a large screen that is also a mirror when turned off.

A furnishing element that hides the TV in a mirror, in a painting, or in a wall to integrate into the décor and complete the design with elegance and, above all, harmony.

Not only Retail but also hospitality: hotels and hospitality structures integrate TV into their furnishings. The TV becomes a mirror-painting that optimizes space.

This is how Smart Mirror is born: a luxury furnishing element that enriches the spaces in which it is placed.

Research and Development at Rifleo: A Project That Has Evolved Over Time

Rifleo was born from over three generations of experience in creating public or private glass works and architectures: over 50 years of custom glass projects, the result of partnerships established over time with glassworks, architects, interior designers, major brands in Fashion, engineering firms, design studios, but also with operators in the building, iron, steel, aluminum and wood sectors.

Drawing on its experiences gained in 50 years of activity, Rifleo decided to research the most high-performance materials and test them to make available to the Retail furniture sector a TV glass already used in construction for the realization of glass architectures and exteriors.

The reflective TV glass that meets the standards required by construction is not able to transform into a real mirror and has low light transmission.

Rifleo decided to create a mirror glass with low reflectance but with high transmission, capable of transforming into a real mirror to meet the needs of Retail and private customers. A glass capable of reducing reflections and increasing light transmission to transform into a television.

The new element is able to be a mirror when it is off but also to transform into a television when it is on. A glass with better reflection to be a mirror when the television is off and with better light transmission to be a television when the TV monitor is in on mode.

Two versions of the mirror-TV were created: one specifically designed for TV monitors (with the dual function of a mirror) with 70% light transmission and 30% reflectance, and one specifically designed to be a mirror (with the dual function of a television) with 60% reflectance and 40% light transmission.

Mirror-TV: the future

What are the news?

The Mirror-TV has become interactive. The Mirror-TV now has the ability to perfectly reflect the surrounding environment like any regular mirror, but also to transform into a real touchscreen display.

A true Smart mirror that integrates technology capable of interacting with people.

It's called the Interactive Magic Mirror.

An example is the one developed for elevator cabins. The mirror transforms into a multimedia monitor where you can watch videos, view photos, check the weather forecast and read the latest news, read the front pages of newspapers and watch TV.

The mirror becomes a useful digital and interactive window connected to the web, not only for public spaces but also for the home.

Imagine discovering the weather conditions while drying your hair in front of a mirror.

Or discovering fitness classes every week in on-demand streaming to try to match what appears on the display and compare it, in real time, with your body.

Or browsing online and installing your apps as if your mirror were a computer.

Or receiving indications regarding your physical appearance, personal care and daily routine.

Or connecting to your smartphone to listen to your favorite tracks.

Comfortably at home, while in front of a reflective display, practically identical to that of classic mirrors.

This is possible today and will become increasingly possible for an immersive experience.

Rifleo has already integrated a Mirror-TV in its meeting room that transforms into a computer for commercial meetings and project presentations to architects and clients.

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